Netgear Genie

The desktop app, Netgear Genie, is made to give you an organized and enjoyable home networking experience. You can install this application on the desktop of your Mac as well as PC. You can also use it on iOS and Android devices. This happens to be much better than the usual method, where with the help of the Web-based GUI you need to open a browser to the device’s IP address. Also unlike Web GUI, Netgear Genie allows you to set up printing to iOS devices and provides you with home network real-time-monitoring. You can use it on several platforms. Netgear Genie is also the traffic-monitoring app that is available for free.

You can download Netgear Genie while setting up a Netgear device and also in devices that support this app. After its set-up, you will find its shortcut on your desktop. Just one click on it will take you to its home page, where you need to choose among 6 panels for different configuration alternatives. They are mainly, ReadyShare, Internet, Parental Controls, WiFi Connection, Network Map, and Router Settings.

You can manage storage that is router-attached by ReadyShare. Via internet panel you can get good real-time details about the network-traffic. Parental controls via OpenDNS account lets you set up filtering levels. WiFi panel tells you about all the wireless networks near you and the channels they’re using. Network Map gives you a graphical representation of data like, the number of devices associated with the network. And Router Settings give you the traffic information (upload and/or download) of your network.

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