Natural Login pro

All the email accounts and social networks can be easily protected by putting security passwords to them. That is done by the internet and the used sites. But the files on the pc are unprotected after the pc is once logged in. Now human beings have also found out the way to secure the pc. The windows can be locked and that also by the help of the known devices.

The Natural Login pro, downloaded and installed turns the existing removable devices and disks into a safety key. The removable device can be MP3 player or USB drive. When the device is plugged in, the pc is logged in and when the device is taken out the windows is locked. To provide a much higher security to it, some security questions are added to it. This application is highly sensitive and effective and can be used in all purposes.

Natural Login Pro security software to be downloaded is of small size. The Windows operating systems that support the tool are Windows 200 and Windows XP. Even latest OS like Windows 7 and 8 also do support it. The free trial version is till 50 lock and unlock version and then hence it can be purchased in a very reasonable price.



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