mySymptoms Food Diary

A symptoms tracker and food diary combined into one easy to use application, mySymptoms Food Diary is designed to be useful to record, track and analyze the symptoms associated with food intolerance, IBS, heartburn, Celiac disease, IBD, lactose intolerance, asthma, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, bloating, headaches, allergies, eczema or others you want to record. Using the journal, you can record your drinks, foods, energy, medications, stress, sleep quality, exercise, bowel movements, environmental factors or anything else you find useful for discovering the possible triggers of symptoms. More the number of events in the diary, the more effective is your analysis.

Use the program to provide your dietitian or doctor with a highly comprehensive report of your symptoms and diet as well as other factors like stress, medications and exercise. The application also proves useful for analysis during the elimination diet, specially for those who suffer from food intolerance, IBD, IBS, Crohn’s, etc. Record your activities and notes, easily view or modify the diary entries, export the diary as HTML report for sharing or printing. The app lets you add and modify your meals with custom ingredients. You can quickly analyse the food diary to see the possible triggers to the symptoms. The app allows setting the analysis window between 1 to 72 hours and also the date range. The results provide you a list of the possible suspects of a symptom, along with detailed results for every suspect including a histogram, specific info and trend chart.

The innovative tool is aimed at helping you and your doctor or dietitian for a broader, better holistic investigation. Give it a try on your desktop by finding it with the search function of BlueStacks App Player!

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