My Tribe

My Tribe is a cute and adventurous game that revolves around a tribe of people who inhabited a splendid city where there was complete peace and prosperity. However, these people had an adventurous spirit, and so they set out in search for faraway lands across vast oceans. One day a crew from this tribe set off to discover something, but luck was not in their favor and they hit a deadly storm that wrecked their ship onto an unknown island. Do you have what it takes to take the role of a leader and lead these people to find a home for themselves on this island?

The island that you have been stranded on has a lot of mysteries and potential for a civilization. Your task is to help your tribe set up their homes here by helping them find the necessities that they are looking for and assign them various quests and tasks that they will have to accomplish. Some of the task will be searching for basic necessities like food and water, after that you will have to look for wood in order to make a fire, look for materials needed to build comfortable homes and things like that. As and how your villagers work, they can turn some of the tasks that they do well into a specialty and then live to a ripe old age.

You will have to explore the island and collect various items like moon dust and star dust besides looking for various stray boxes that are drawn to the island. However, you must be careful before you approach these boxes as they can sometimes be dangerous. The best thing about My Tribe is that the game keeps going ahead even when you have logged off from the game. You can also choose various layouts in the game that can be associated with the game.

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