Mooo Font Viewer

Moo0 Font Viewer allows the user to view their text and content in the various fonts offered by their computer system. The time consuming practice of checking one by one of the fonts on the content is replaced by the easy to handle software tool. This program comes with a simple interface with some options and functions that can be really useful to the user in the working. The user can put the content or the text in the field of the various fonts and adjust their sizes to check on the suitability.

The use of bold, italics and many more can also be applied to the contents to get a perfect picture of the text that is actually required by the user. The About menu option helps the user in knowing the various options of the menu. Moo0 Font Viewer does not look confusing to the users due to this Help menu. This program is easy is to understand and use.

The comfortable tool is also easy in installing. Moo0 Font Viewer is fast at installing and also fast at the working of the various functions. This software is compatible with the operating system of Windows XP and also Windows Vista. It is also supported by the operating systems of Windows 7 and Windows 8.



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