Miracle Type

Miracle Type is an application that can be used by people who want to improve their typing skills. They have the possibility to exercise their typing in order to achieve a higher speed and a better accuracy. These are the two main elements that comprise one’s typing skill and they both must be exercised in parallel. The utility has the needed tutorials and tests in order to help out any user.

Miracle Type provides support for users that have various degrees of knowledge regarding typing. They can start off at any level and they can see how good are their results. The utility does not only teach users how to type fast and accurate. It provides a series of tutorials that are designed to help everyone who wants to learn what is the correct posture of the hands on the keyboard. Thus, it is easy to learn how to effectively use all of the fingers in order to type as fast and as correct as possible.

Miracle Type has a series of tutorials of various levels which are accompanied by tests. These tests will display the score of the user and he has the possibility to take such a test again in order to improve the score. The progress can be seen if one has a profile and looks at the statistics.

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