Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 app can be purchased via Microsoft’s online Office store. Word, as it is popularly referred to as, is anyway one of the most important and mostly used Windows apps in a global scale; and what more can you ask if you are offered all possible handy features for formatting to produce small or large docs. One can say it is a standard-setter in this field of word-processing.

One of the best features embedded in this app is PDF file importation. It lets you perform editing of PDF files as word docs, as you can convert the PDF files into Word docs. You will find a video tool (online) within the Ribbon’s Insert tab. Using this you can add any video, or videos from YouTube (live), in a document. A document with a video sounds fun. The display of comments can also be cleaned up using this Word app.

There are features that make your work easy; one of them is the alignment guide. You will find options for positioning, on any image’s right click menu, so you don’t have to excavate dialog boxes for layouts. Boarders can be drawn on tables using pen tools. The flat and straightforward interface of Microsoft Word 2013 comes with numerous options for formatting.



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