Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is for sure, one of the top free-to-use solutions that a person might want to use if he feels that the computer has certain problems. Moreover, it can be considered a way to prevent such problems from happening by performing redundant scans over different periods of time. The application provides a simple installation process that is designed well for beginners, too. Even if the aspect of the interface might not be the best that one might expect with respect to 2013 standards, MBAM seems to bring in a lot of utility to compensate for the lack of a great look.

The scanning process of MBAM is a really fast one, despite the fact that a computer might already be running high demanding applications. In about seven to eight minutes, the user will be able to find out every requested information about his system and most important, whether he is infected or not with malware. Malware is a specific type of computer threat that cannot be usually removed by antiviruses, because they act differently. Therefore, MBAM makes it a great option for someone who wants to protect his computer in almost every possible way.

The free version of the software is actually not too different from the paid one and some people might find unnecessary the premium upgrade but this can be taken as a good way to support the developers. The software receives constant support from its developers and the malware database is updated really often with the latest fixes. Even if it might lack some required features , MBAM is still able to be a top malware removal softwate that is preferred by millions of computer users worldwide, and the fact that there is a free version makes everything even better.

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