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Dictionaries is not only a great way to learn a particular language, but they also help a person to know the meaning of a tough word or a complete sentence actually, by giving the meaning of the words. But in some situations, it is tough to open the dictionary and find a particular word. But Longman English Dictionary Browser is designed to eradicate the difficulty and also for the purpose of saving time.

Longman English Dictionary Browser consists of a search box, where the user can type the word, whose meaning is required. That’s it. This tool will immediately provide the meaning of the word followed by other information too. Other information includes the noun form, verb forms, article to be used before that and other information regarding that word, which also consists of sentence examples. It provides all the things a dictionary provides, while searching for a word; but the only difference is that, this software does it digitally. Longman English Dictionary Browser also has a background client that helps to provide the meaning of a selected word in any program, with the help of a hot key, i.e. Ctrl+Shift+D.

Longman English Dictionary Browser is also a portable one, which does not require any kind of installation. This software is very easy to use, that novice users will never face any difficulty in using it. Longman English Dictionary Browser is compatible with all the latest Windows Operating Systems.

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