Logon Expert

Data is the most important aspect for an organization. Data is considered as the soul of any company. But interestingly it is the most insecure in your organization as anyone can peep into your data until you encrypt them. The Logon Expert is the software used for the purpose of data safety.

The system of Log on in the windows is pretty simple. Once you log on, your data can get saved in two ways as the log. One way is that your data will be safe in system registry or it might get stored in the local security authority storage. But none of the logs are safe, as anyone can access your log on credentials either from Reg edit or any programme which can access Local Security Authority respectively. So, in the highly unsafe and exposed data condition, one would use Logon Expert to ensure the safety of the data.

Logon Expert simply encrypts your data and ensures that your data do not get stored in anywhere else. Logon Expert associates with the Operating System and then makes sure that your log on credentials does not get copied at system registry or local authority system. So, all the user names and passwords of your employees will remain safe and unexposed with the help of this tool.



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