Last Bronx

Last Bronx is basically a 3D fighting game with full of fun and excitement throughout. It is basically a Japanese games and one of the fastest motion games you could ever have. The game is embedded with multiple characters, which make it truly standout and the most entertaining one. The main characters are Lisa Kusanami, Ken Kono, Yoko Kono, Joe Inakagi, Yusaku Kudo, Saburo Zaimoku etc. The main objective of the game is to come into a warfare with the opposition and win.

All the different platforms of the game are situated in the actual Tokyo city and there are barriers in the areas as well. There is a PKG option featured in this game where P symbolizes punch or weapon, K represents Kick and the G stands for Guard. The main objective of the G button is stop the opposition’s attack and thus a sham attack is termed as “Attack Cancel”.



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