Java Mod Player

Java Mod Player is an application that was specifically created to work with MOD files but users can benefit from increased flexibility and they can use this tool as their usual music player app. This utility does not have to be installed as it is a portable app and users can take it onto a USB flash drive with them. Files can be added into the playlist by using the simple drag & drop process.

Java Mod Player plays less encountered music files such as XM or IT ones besides classic MP3 or OGG tracks. These tracks are played with the settings provided in ProTracker so that no quality is lost during the playback process. There are quite a few effects that can be used when playing such files and the results can also be exported to a new music track, again with no quality loss.

Java Mod Player features a simple interface and all of the main settings are available in the Preferences menu. As some files that are played with the aid of this tool have specific format settings, they become accessible every time a certain type of file is currently active. These settings and the modified track can be exported as a WAV file.



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