Iron Man 3: The Official Game

Iron Man 3: the official game is presented by Gameloft to make your action experience better than ever. The game will let you play the role of the Iron Man who is the only one to save the earth from the new threats. This is the version of Iron man where you will get the more addictive features and endless fun running and epic fights with the rising A. I. M. force. This is basically a runner game which is mingled up with breath taking action sequences.

You will get 3 stunning locations – Malibu shores, China and New York City. The levels are self generating. You have to fight and win over the 4 nefarious villains Living Laser, Ezekeil Stane, Crimson Dynamo and M.O.D.O.K. revealing Iron Man’s super power. You can upgrade your power with research and utilize it in the battle. Apart from these the stunning graphics with 3D effects makes the more realistic than ever.

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