Ideal Weight

A simple, easy to use yet powerful health and fitness app, Ideal Weight lets you check whether you have your ideal weight. The program calculates you body mass index (BMI) and lets you know whether you are overweight, in good weight or under weight. Simply select your weight and height using the provided tapes and quickly get the BMI value as well as your ideal weight range. The BMI calculator has support for metric and imperial units and switching between lbs or kg and meters or feet/inches is a matter of one click only. What makes the app so powerful is the fact that it is the most usable BMI calculator available today and does not require you to press a button each time you want to calculate new value.

The program features a user friendly interface, supports metric and imperial values, provides a simple way to input weight and height values, graphical colored values, real time values for BMI, ideal weight estimation, reliable calculation results and more. The perfect way to know your ideal weight! Get the app for PC today with BlueStacks emulator and stay healthy!



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