IconTweaker is an application that allows users to easily modify the appearance of their Windows icons so that they can create an interesting theme on their PC. Icons can be changed manually but this implies users to take each app and repeat the same processes, one at a time. This is a tedious task and the current third party app takes much less to work with.

IconTweaker has a set of predefined icons that come as a pack and each of them can be used for a Windows application. However, these might not be enough for some users and this is why there is the possibility to add more icons, one by one or as part of packs. This way, all of the icons can be organized in one place so that users do not have to search for each one.

IconTweaker can be used with ease. First of all, users have to wait for the tool to scan for the apps installed on the computer. They can manually browse and manually add others, too. Then, they can choose an app and then select the desired icon for it. Within a couple of seconds, the old icon will be replaced by the chosen one.



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