Hunting Unlimited 2

If you are into virtual hunting that is not completely risk-free, then Hunting Unlimited 2 is the game for you. There are a series of scenarios and locations that you can explore and hunt in, making the game very entertaining and thrilling to play. the locations are scattered over Africa, and Alaska, with different hunting techniques to try out. There are a series of challenges and dangers all over the place, but all you need is a fearless heart, and adequate resources to face the challenges of Hunting Unlimited 2.

The game Hunting Unlimited 2 is very realistic, and you do not have to simply aim at an unsuspecting animal and shoot it down, you will have to use tactics to silently creep up on your target and take it down by surprise. If you make too much noise or are very clumsy, you will scare off your target and miss out on your shoot. There are 18 unique and exotic animals that you get to hunt, making the experience very lively. There are 25 different guns at your disposal, and for different hunting scenarios you will have to choose the perfect and the most effective gun. There are other tools at your disposal, like a binocular, and also decoys that will help you get closer to your target.

There are a series of levels in Hunting Unlimited 2 that are extremely challenging and there is always something dangerous happening at any given moment. At times you will have to make your way through a stamped created by scared deer that are being chased down by scary grizzly bears. If you have wounded an animal but he managed to get away, there will be a blood trail you will have to follow. You will have to protect your hunt from other animals that are looking for an easy prey.



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