Hide The IP 2012

Hide The IP is a very simple to use application that rapidly changes the external IP, permitting the user to browse the internet anonymously. There are two distinct modes at the disposal, basic and advanced. This application looks for a proxy server in a random homeland, unless the user configures it else, and alterations are made in the IP within a few seconds, with all required information brandished right in the major window.

For demonstration, the program displays the genuine IP address, present rank, the new IP address and the location of the proxy server. If anyone opts for the sophisticated mode, not only that person is allowed to seek for IP address sorted by country, but furthermore by speed or by anonymity. The user can thus choose a slow, an intermediate or a very quick proxy that is anonymous.

Employed flawlessly with all the popular browsers, this application furthermore boasts an assortment of choices to furthermore conceal browser information and therefore boost the general anonymity of the system. It is very much low on system resources and consumes very less space in the system drive in which it is to be installed. Windows XP/Vista/7; any of the operating systems mentioned here support this application well.



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