Hidden Expedition: Amazon

In the Hidden Expedition: Amazon you have to find the professor who has gone missing and also travel through the rainforest of Amazon and the Beetle Temple that has been hidden. You will have to a lot of travelling when playing Hidden Expedition: Amazon, through cities of New York and Casablanca. You have very limited things at your disposal to find the lost professor, two of the things are his journal and an ancient map that you have to use as your guide.

Be prepared to enter very beautifully created scenes that are a great fun to explore. The sites in the game have been created beautifully and there is a lot of fun in exploration of the game. you have to look for the hidden objects in the game that will turn out to help you when you are looking for more clues later and so you will have to be careful in cataloguing them. The lack of time limit is a plus as there are a lot of things to explore and take in. the mini games in Hidden Expedition: Amazon are very good to play and will give you a lot of entertainment value.

The graphics are well created and make for a very amazing game. finding the professor is not going to be easy and you will have to be very careful when exploring the enchanted lands. There are a lot of cities and hidden temples to find and explore in the game that make it very historical to play. the sense of adventure in the game is amazing and you will feel like an explorer of the ancient times! All in all, Hidden Expedition: Amazon is a fun and entertaining game that can be played by people of all ages who enjoy hidden objects and puzzle games that involve playing mini-games set in an adventurous setting.





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