Hello Kitty Garden

The developer Sanrio Digital developed the beautiful game Hello Kitty’s Garden for PC which will take you to the world of Kitty and its garden. The goal of the game is to play the role of Kitty and take care of her garden. The tasks are various in the game. With Kitty you have to plant the seeds, water them nurture them, let the sprouts come from the seeds and then take care of the young plants and create all the favorable things to grow them to make a beautiful garden. But you will have a certain time between which you have to complete the whole task and that is the feature which makes the game different from other mere gardening games.

This is an excellent time management game with lovely graphics of Hello Kitty. You will have 5 Hello kitty friends to help you in the garden. You will have several tools to use in the garden and you can also personalize the garden with furniture.



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