Heavy Duty Trucks Simulator

Heavy Duty Trucks Simulator for PC is an excellent android game of driving heavy vehicles. Here you are occupying the driver’s seat in a heavy duty truck. You have two modes of playing the game. In the Free Drive mode you are free to drive with no particular mission, but in the Carrier mode you are supposed to carry cargo and deliver them at unloading points. In the carrier mode you have to reach your destination which is the unloading point through 20 different checkpoints within time. The checkpoints are mainly fueling points, rest house, repair shops etc. You have maps to ascertain your route to the destination. In this mode you may have trailers or cargo trucks to drive. You will have four mega vehicles to drive and two modes of play. With superb graphics, camera views, excellent and realistic sound effects, engaging environment and smooth controls this is a veritable truckers game in your PC.

To play Heavy Duty Trucks Simulator for PC you need to install BlueStacks emulator. This utility helps run android apps in windows PC. You can even access the game through this utility.



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