gSky Digest

gSky Digest is an application that works in real time in order to provide users accurate information about different celestial objects and the events that involve them. The app can be installed fast and afterwards, it greets users with a simple interface that contains a few buttons. The sidebar contains quick access buttons for each planet of the Solar System as well as for the Sun and the Moon.

gSky Digest refreshes itself 5 seconds in order to keep every information accurate and users are able to export their needed facts in a text file. The app does not have to connect to the internet in order to refresh data and it only has to make use of the system clock.

gSky Digest features multiple list views that users can make use of. The first one contains all of the events in a chronological order from the nearest to the farthest and users can select each one for more info. However, if a certain planet is selected, only its events will appear. The utility is able to work with both past and future events. There is an event clock mode present in the tool which allows users to easily jump between certain types of events.

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