Gorilla Workout : Strength Plan

Whatever be your fitness goal, building muscle, losing weight or gaining energy, Gorilla workout is meant to be the perfect fitness program for all. It is basically a fast paced combination of more than 40 strength and aerobic exercises that need no equipment. Its bodyweight routines include aerobic, strength and cardio workout training designed to give you maximum results in very short time span. Each of the exercises targets specific muscle groups so that you can effortlessly tone and strengthen your abs, chest, core, legs and arms while melting the excess fat. As you require no equipment or gym, it is possible to perform the workouts in any place at any location.

The program comes in the form of four different fitness levels which provide specific workouts based on the current fitness level of the user. Level 1 is for beginners and they would get exercises like air squats, wall pushups and lunges so as to build foundation for agility and strength while level 4 is meant for extreme athletic type people and they would get to perform intense exercises such as pistols, one arm pushups and burpees. The app provides an easy to follow, daily workout regimen that contain a number of unique workout routines according to your fitness level. It contains detailed text descriptions and real life video demonstrations for each exercise.

You simply need to follow the workout routine the application makes for you and completing a level would push you to the next one. You can share your success and progress on social network sites like Twitter and Facebook for extra motivation and encouragement or for competing with friends. It is a complete package that would help you reach your fitness goals with minimal efforts, be it getting a ripped body, brute strength, a good shape or having phenomenal cardio. The perfect fitness app for PC available for download with BlueStacks App Player!



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