Google Earth

Google Earth is the standalone variant of the popular Google Maps feature. This download can prove really useful for users as it brings in more features than the classic web version of the maps so that more tasks can be achieved. The tool does not require users to create a Google account, but they will have to log onto one if they want to add various content to the Maps, such as 3D renders of buildings.

Google Earth is different from Maps because it offers a three dimensional level map so that users can see the actual differences of terrain height as they go across different areas. Among with this feature, there is also the possibility to view three dimensional buildings, as long as their renders have been uploaded and published to Google. Users can also contribute with renders in order to provide an accurate view of a city’s landscape. Many buildings are added daily so that this map experience is getting richer all the time.

Google Earth also allows users to see shadows of the terrain and 3D buildings based on the Sun’s position in the sky. The position can be emulated based on a user-chosen date and time. The zoom feature can take one directly from space to just above a certain address and the search feature can be customized to retrieve all sorts of results.

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