GetDataBack for NTFS

GetDataBack for NTFS is a recovery utility designed to help users who want to recover lost files. The application is only compatible with NTFS partitions, but users that need to work with FAT ones can find the alternative quickly by browsing the internet. The interface of the app is simple so that users can find their way around the options quickly.

In order for GetDataBack for NTFS to recover files from various devices, users need to point towards them when the app requests a location to scan. They can point towards a local path, such as that of an internal hard drive, but they also have the possibility to scan a USB flash drive in order to have files recovered from it. Any NTFS device that can be connected and seen by the PC is compatible with the utility, ultimately.

After GetDataBack for NTFS has a device queued up for scanning, it will start the process and give the user information about the files that it has found. Users can see the remaining time and the number of broken files that could not be recovered. However, the tool manages to recover as many files as possible, even if minor hardware failures are the cause of files being lost.



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