FTP Commander

FTP Commander is a utility that provides support for users who need to transfer files to and from an online location. This is usually done with the aid of a third party app that can establish a direct connection between the two locations and the current tool can do a flawless job. It only requires the user to provide login credentials and afterwards, it will allow users to start transfer files.

FTP Commander has a simple interface that is split between two columns. The left one contains the local data and the right one contains online data of the website that the user is connected to. This way, users can transfer files by dragging and dropping them into one location. At the bottom of the screen, they will see a progress bar and a transfer queue that keeps them informed about the status of each file.

FTP Commander might also require the IP and the port of the server that users have to connect to. Then, they can save this data for later use, although the password will not be stored. Anonymous login mode is also available and it can be accessed from within the main menu. A proxy can be set up for the connection, too.



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