Freddi Fish

Freddi Fish is one of the popular and exciting games for kids. It is an award winning series of children’s games. It is about a yellow fish, Freddi who takes charge of detective investigations in the game. Her friend, Luther accompanies her on her adventures and they are set for attending the opening ceremony of the Coral Cove Park. But they have obstacles on their way. Your task is to help them solve the puzzles and reach their destination. A giant sea creature is the mystery to solve and tackle and you need to explore places in order to succeed. On your way, you find and collect items that you feel useful and you can even converse with other creatures to find clues.

First of all, you visit the park to enquire about the monster. Then you get into the monster’s cave to see his to-do lists and locate him with the help of those clues you find in his cave. Proceed through the game and discover the secrets to the mystery to win it. You can control the characters with the help of mouse and clicking the arrow moves them. The game features a beautiful and attractive environment that makes the game more interesting.

There are five games in this series and each has its own goals and mysteries. The characters possess different abilities in each of them and you get different sets of monsters and obstacles to face. But each has an interesting end that is different for all. It is recommended that all these games should be tried.

The game series is designed to enhance the problem solving and strategic thinking within oneself. It also builds memory and listening skills. A package of puzzles, activities and games! This game is aimed for kids, but adults sure can enjoy it, why not? So go ahead and try this nice game.

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