Freddi Fish 1: The case of the Missing Kelp Seed

‘Freddi Fish 1: The case of the Missing Kelp Seeds’ which was released in 1994 and then re-released again in 2008 as ‘Freddi Fish Kelp Seed Mystery’ is the first of the series of exciting games of software released from Humongous Entertainment. This is, basically, a children’s game and is so interesting that it will keep both children and adults interestingly distracted for several hours. Basically, the game begins with the theft of Grandma Grouper’s chest of Kelp seeds. The high risk of the theft is that all the fishes in the ocean will die due to lack of food! Sensing the great danger in store, our hero Freddi Fish along with her trusted and friendly buddy Luther start off their search for the chest of kelp and also that of the thieves.

Both the characters of the game will have to go through a lot of underwater thrills and adventures to find both the chest and the thieves. Of course, without doubt, the ocean is a huge base of unexpected thrills, dangers and fun and both the characters of this game will have to pass through all the tests of the ocean. Their search, if successful will finally lead them to the thieves, who turn out to be two sharks. One of them is identified with a name Spongehead and the other is never heard with a name, except being always referred to as ‘Boss’.

The player of this game is assisted because of the bad memory of Spongehead who has left a trail of notes in the form of bottles, which finally lead us, Freddi and her buddy Luther, to the chest. The good thing with this game is that we need to help both Freddi and Luther to exploit the leads and reach the chest. There is where our interest and involvement is kindled by the game.

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