The creation and designing of the fonts is not so easy. It needs lot of patience and caliber. But people, who are impatient, can also enjoy the font designing with the help of a simple software tool of FontCreator.

FontCreator helps the people in designing the fonts individually. The program comes with a simple interface and lots of features on its face. The main motto of the program is to simplify the process of font creation and designing. This software is added up with a professional drawing kit. The user can simply import an already existing font in the TTF file format and then modify it to a new design. Even a logo or the handwriting can be designed to convert it to a font. FontCreator provides the features of bold, rotate, or the alteration of characters. The fonts can be checked by the help of the tool to detect the common problems existing with the font. The users can have a wonderful collection of fonts of their choice with the help of the reliability of the software application.

FontCreator is compatible with the operating system of Windows XP. It is also compatible with the operating system of Windows Vista. This software is equally applicable on the system of Windows 7 and also Windows 8.



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