FlexSize Express

FlexSize Express is a powerful analysis tool for storage utilization. This type of utility can come handy when you run out of storage space and want to look for the items deleting which can free up the space to a great deal. This application is able to scan huge file systems with a large number of files as well as visualize storage utilization patterns. It provides a visual perspective of the way of storage distribution on your hard drive. It carries out a fast analysis of folder system and then shows up the list with a clean graphic bar that displays the percentage of the total space each file and folder takes up.

The good thing about the utility is the support for profiles. You can create different profiles and assign various folders and drives to each. The other impressive thing is the ability to export the results to different formats like CSV, Text and HTML. Try the tool to have a better analysis of the disks, removable devices and folders storage distribution.

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