Far Manager

Far Manager is one of the high quality file management tools available on the market nowadays. Even if users might argue that its interface is too old to be helpful, its functions still manage to provide support when needed. The GUI is based on the Norton Commander’s one and new computer users might need some time before they can get used to it, even though its structure is similar to that of other tools.

Far Manager provides its users two main windows, each of them being further divided into two columns. In each of the windows, users can open a separate folder and then start working with each of them. Files can be copied or moved from one location to the other or they can simply be deleted. A multitude of functions is available with a simple right click on a file.

Far Manager provides internal tools for previewing and editing certain files, but external sources can also be used. The color scheme of the tool can be easily changed and users can create a custom one to their own liking. There are also various plugins that can improve the functionality of this application, such as an archive manager or a basic but useful FTP client.



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