Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a stand-alone application that is designed to allow users to chat faster than relying on the whole website to use this feature. The tool can be downloaded in a matter of seconds and installing it is a fast process. Afterwards, an icon will be found on the desktop and from there, a user can easily launch the Facebook chat in order to get in touch with everyone in the friend list. The application relies on Java so this tool should be installed in the first place, although a pop-up will inform the user if he does not have it installed.

The tool launches itself quite fast and when it is first ran, the user will be prompted to login with his credentials. Afterwards, the list of online friends will be displayed in a compact form, just as it appears on Facebook. However, this is not the only possibility that the tool provides, and a user that might want to find out more information can switch to a more detailed view. This will expand the space beneath each user and his latest status will be posted. This way, a user of this application can easily transform it into a basic news feed.

Upon double clicking on a person in the list, the classic chat window will open and there, users can start chatting normally. Everything takes place in real-time and the delays are minimum, so the experience is basically the same as with the standard chat. However, compared with a browser, this application requires much less resources in order to run. If any user needs help when using this program, although its features are pretty straightforward, he can easily access the Help menu. He will be redirected to the developer’s website. Here, various information regarding troubleshooting, especially, is available.

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