Expat Shield

Expat Shield is a good measure for those that want to increase their privacy in the online environment. Passive protection methods are not enough anymore and besides good antivirus and firewall tools, users should also use a proxy in order to protect their privacy online and remain anonymous. These applications rely on a simple process that gives the user a new identity on the internet. The app changes the IP of the computer to a random one that can be assigned from a list of countries or at random.

This way, websites cannot collect information regarding the actual location of the visitor and they cannot apply various marketing strategies that even rely on changing prices on the website. However, a proxy also prevents other scanning processes launched by websites and allows users to access region-restricted websites. YouTube features such restrictions on various videos and these limitations can now be easily bypassed within a few mouse clicks. The tool must be started and afterwards, the IP changer can be selected and turned on, too. Using the basic settings, the user will have granted a UK IP address, but if he needs something else, he can change the options.

As long as the tool is turned on, a small icon will be present in each browser, notifying the user about the status. The loading times are not increased too much, and this a good fact regarding the tool. Various options can be customized even from the browser, by clicking the icon of the browser. The installation process is quite simple and it does not require increased knowledge, and the fact that most of the process is automatic makes this proxy extremely good. The resource usage is almost nonexistent and the minimum load times make the app stand in front of others.

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