Exiftool is an application tool that is used to edit the EXIF data in the digital images and files. This software helps in editing the files in a faster way without even opening the substantial program. After the installation of the program, an image is dragged into the application. The applications display the file’s available metadata on a prompt window that is produced.

The file to be executed is opened via a command line in order to edit it. There is an instructional guideline that is provided by the software. This guideline helps in using the program. The step by step guidelines are checked by the user and going as per the step by step information lets the user achieve a perfect result. After the editing, the edited file has to be renamed by the user and then it is saved to a location that the user provides to the tool.

The Exiftool is taken as an easy and informative tool by many people. This software is well-equipped with a number of option tools and is liked by the adventurous users. The program is compatible with the operating systems of Windows XP and also with Windows Vista. It also works well also with the operating system of Windows 7 and 8.



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