Evernote Skitch

Evernote Skitch is one of today’s screenshot apps that is worth trying. Offered by Evernote it is indisputably an easy to use software. Using this you can carry out the relevant tasks really fast. It can be quickly launched and comes with a very logical and rational approach. With the help of this application you can highlight your preferred images visually.

We are into visual communication every day without even sometimes realizing it. Including such a communication mode while working on internet can really make things easy. Normally, to point out something on the screen, we need to give a long descriptive line to direct someone to the exact on-screen location. The clever app, Evernote Skitch, re-establishes visual elements to communicate remotely. Like in the real world we look at an object and point out, this app helps you to easily impart information in the virtual world, internet. It does this by screenshot capturing and annotating the same.

Its toolbar (vertical), with just 7 tools, gives you a really exiting usage experience. You will find clear and big icons here. The tools offered here, mainly help you in cropping, pointing out elements (arrow), blurring details (pixelizer), working with texts, highlighting, picking colors (eight color palette) and surrounding objects (with a rectangle). You also get a UI widget, which helps you to get local copies of files with its Drag Me option.



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