Event Track

Managing huge conferences, festivals or events like these which involve gathering of a crowd and multiple layers of events is not easy, and doing so manually is the dream of a lunatic. To aid the organizers Jollytech Event Track is there, a software suit that aids to handle all sides of the program with equal ease and care.

With the help of Event Track the job of registration becomes a piece of cake both for the attendees and the organizers. The software can use self-registration kiosks and enables the attendees to register online. Not only that, but it also scans their valid photo ID (driving license, passport) to automatically fill-in the registration form, capture photo and record bio-metrics as well. After the registration process is over, a confirmation e-mail along with check-in bar-code is sent to the attendee. On the basis of this registration professional plastic ID cards or paper badges are designed and issued, which mention all necessary information about the attendee. For security issues over 20 bar-code types as well as magnetic stripes are used in these ID cards. The software also set rules about issuing duplicate ID cards.

These ID cards, among other management tools and measures, are the primary ones to keep track of attendance, entry and exit. It scans the ID card bar-codes to report on attendance. It can log additional reporting codes as well. Times of entry and exit are recorded and they automatically update the database. Supervising all these, the software prepares detailed graphical and textual reports. The list of Event Track users includes such illustrious names like Oscar, NASA and Google.



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