Escape Rosecliff Island

You are a part of a terrible shipwreck and you will have to muster all your wits in order t o Escape Rosecliff Island. This game will test all of your skills when it comes to solving puzzles and mysteries in a single go. There are 25 very strange locations that you will be a part of, and there are a series of very strangely hidden objects in the game and you will have to locate and secure all of them before you run out of the time that you have been allotted. The game play is very reminiscent of the hidden objects game genre, and will appeal to the fans of that genre.

There is no shortage of challenges in Escape Rosecliff Island, and you will have to have all your wits about you before you lose time and the game ends. The intricate plot of the game is an added advantage that keeps you engrossed in the game for a very long time. The puzzles are also quite a handful and you will need your skills rightfully honed in order to win the game. there are also a number of word searches in the game that you will have to carry out when playing Escape Rosecliff Island. The lack of many levels is a downside to the game, but it is still a lot of fun to play.

The graphics and the atmosphere of the game have been created very well and there are a lot of amazing locations to explore and find things in. there is no shortage of challenging aspects in the game and there are a series of obstacles in your path that will keep you hooked onto the game for a very long time. All in all, Escape Rosecliff Island is an excellent hidden objects and puzzle solving game to play.

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