EML to PST Converter

Users often face the hassle whenever they try to migrate from one mail program to another because each of these email clients store the mails in their own respective formats, which may not be compatible with MS Outlook. Moreover, sometimes even different versions of MS Outlook are incompatible with each other. However, the EML to PST Converter software tool can make this migration process extremely efficient and hassle free for its users.

The EML to PST Converter software tool provides its users an extremely intuitive wizard based interface, which makes it possible for everyone to convert and import files into Outlook with ease. The wizard-based interface asks the users to specify the settings and files that they wish to import to Outlook. After that, the algorithm of this software tool takes over and speedily converts the files, as well as, placing them at their proper location. Users can either opt for this software to replace their Outlook mails boxes with the newly imported messages and folder, or have them alongside the existing mails and folders in the Outlook database.

The EML to PST Converter takes care of every bit of data of its users, which means that it automatically transfers all the attachments unless otherwise specified by the users. This software also helps its users to overcome any problem related to PST file size limits. This software further ensures that it properly preserves all the special language encodings and symbols to maintain the integrity of the mail folders. Thus, it can be an excellent choice for transferring and converting files to make them compatible with MS Outlook.





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