EdgeWave ePrism Email Encryption

EdgeWave ePrism Email Encryption is an email security software that assists you with your compliance requirements. You can set up Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules, and the software encrypts emails based on these decisions, thus removing security decisions from the sender. EdgeWave ePrism Email Encryption scans more than 500 different file types for things like proprietary information, social security numbers, credit card number and so on. They block or encrypt these information’s based on the configured policies.

Administrators can communicate directly with other organizations using TLS server-to-server connections. This software is best suited for big businesses. The Park-and-Pull encryption used in EdgeWave ePrism Email Encryption makes it necessary for the recipients to register and create an identity for their web portals.

The recipients, once registered, can use the services with ease. They are given with links to a web portal where they can reply, delete, read, create and save their messages. The inbound and outbound filters can block malwares and spams. Built-in word lists are specifically targeted to secure financial and medical information. The methods preferred in this software are best suited for companies with strict compliance requirements because here the users don’t decide to or remember to encrypt their emails.



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