With internet cafe softwares like EasyCafe, you can transform any coffee shop, restaurant or business into an internet cafe. The hotspot software is designed to charge people for using your internet facilities. EasyCafe allows you to decide how much you will have to charge the customers and come up with a business plan. This internet cafe software has a lot of features that can be regarded as important generate easy revenue for your internet cafe.

Although, the setup procedure is a bit too harsh, this internet cafe software provides facility to connect 15 computers and license them. After a single payment you will be able to license up to 15 computers in this internet cafe software. To use EasyCafe you will have to provide an established set of systems to the customers. To build sophistication, this internet cafe software does not allow your customers to access the internet through phones, laptops or other portable devices.

This internet cafe software gives unbelievable amount of control to the managers. As a manager, you can block the usage of any of the systems under you. You can even exercise supervision for minor users by blocking adult content. All these features, make EasyCafe a resourceful software. This is the sole reason that many people across the globe depend upon the services of the same.

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