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Easy Inbox Mailer is a software used for sending bulk email messages which allow dispatching of html and text email along with attachments. Using this software one can send unlimited number of emails by operating their Gmail or Hotmail SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) from their desktop. To send the mail, one need to add some Hotmail/Gmail account and the emails that are to be sent is to be selected. After the selection is done, the software will automatically switch between the two accounts. For instance, if one adds 50 Hotmail/Gmail account and select 100 accounts or emails, then the person will be able to send 500 emails in bulk using the software.

The speed at which Easy Inbox Mailer sends the emails is 1500 emails/ hour, i.e. 36000 number of emails a day. Option for importing and exporting from text file or CSV of email address of both the destination and the source is imparted by the software. A read receipt lets the user to identify the emails that are already read. Altered reply to address can be used to receive the response email. The starting address can be selected manually from which you want to send the email. For instance, one can set the starting address to say 100 and send the email from address number 100 to 1000 or so on.

The messages are delivered in the form of email and not as a jumble folder. It also helps in removing duplication of email, supports email attachment and HTML, upload list, appends email accounts etc. Its size is 3.7MB and can run in any Windows and is available at the price range $77.00-$82.00. Compose the email, click ‘Send’ and just relax and the rest of the task will be ensured by the software.

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