Easy Email Notifier

The Easy Email Notifier is an email sender and email notifier bundled into one, which translates into greater functionality for its users. Thus, users of this software are able to send emails and receive notifications of incoming messages from their acquaintances and contacts on their mailing lists while using a single tool. This software tool incorporates an intuitive user interface, which enables the users to make use of files in XML, CSV, and TXT formats.

This email sender and notifier software provides support for almost all the standard account types such as POP3, IMAP, Gmail, Hotmail, and many more. The Easy email Notifier software allows its users to create customized contact lists containing mailing addresses of people important to the users. Thus, users can create separate mailing lists for their personal contacts and business customers. The email notifier function in this software enables it to notify the users whenever an email arrives from any person included in the mailing list, or from any other defined email accounts. This software also enables the users to lock the side bar on the screen and prevent the program from closing which can be quite helpful for the beginners.

The Easy Email Notifier software allows its users simply to drag and drop any files such as those containing pictures to the side panel for sending them as attachments to anyone on the mailing list. This software further enables its users to create emails by simply pasting the tests stored in clipboard and add pictures stored in clipboards with a single click. Thus, this software can come in quite handy to its users by providing double function of email sender and notifier rolled into one.

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