Easy Duplicate Finder

The Easy Duplicate Finder software can be an excellent choice for those users who are looking for a software solution to help them in locating and removing redundant files from their Windows computers. This duplicate file finder software provides its users with the capability to search and delete duplicate files by following few simple steps. The users simply need to define the folders that they wish the software to scan and can even define all the various files types that they wish to include within the scanning process.

The Easy Duplicate finder software provides its users with a drop-down menu that features all the file formats, which it can individually select to scan while leaving the unspecified file types within a folder untouched. Thus, users can select all the file types contained within a folder or select specific ones such as JPEG or MP3. The software scans all the files within a target folder and displays the number of duplicates it found within it.

The Easy Duplicate Finder software also displays the amount of storage space occupied by the duplicate files, as well as, the number of files that it has scanned. Users can even export the findings of the software tool with a dedicated ‘export’ button. The program also provides a number of options to the users regarding the fate of the duplicate files. Users can deselect them, move them to a separate folder, rename them, or delete files according to their requirements. Thus, this file management tool can be extremely handy in helping the users in keeping a tab on the presence of storage space consuming duplicate files.



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