DropWaterMark is an application which can be easily used in order to apply watermarks to photographs that users want to protect. A watermark is a great way to prove one’s copyright and this way, others are not going to be that willing to use photos without consent. The app can work with a single image or with whole batches in a short amount of time.

DropWaterMark provides user quick access to watermark creation tools. An image can be easily imported into the tool and afterwards, users can edit it in order to change its size, colors or transparency. Moreover, watermarks can be only text based and there are a few tools that can be used to change the font, the color and the weight.

DropWaterMark allows users to save their watermark in an app-friendly format for later use. Then, they can select a folder of images and then apply the watermark to each photo automatically. The location can be adjusted beforehand, though. The watermark can also be automatically adjusted relative to the image size, thus none of the images will look weird. EXIF data can also be extracted from a photography and then imported into a watermark to have it used there.



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