Dr. Panda's Hospital

Dr. Panda’s Hospital is an educational application designed to make your child’s dream of becoming a doctor come true. This fun and learning game offers the children a chance to take care of the animals at the hospital. The kid needs to greet different animals in the waiting room, guide them with beds, find out and treat their ailments and do more, while learning sequencing. An ideal game for children in the ages 2 to 6 who are curious about the basic medical procedures as well as anatomy, this app would surely teach them a lot. The game features ten different fun games and activities of doctor.

You get eight unique friendly animal patients and a complete hospital with a waiting room, patient rooms and helicopter landing pad. There is a rewards system where you can earn animal and medical sticker upon completion of activities. Fun sounds and animation make the game impressive and engaging. The game offers a variety of medical treatments to carry out – measure the blood pressure, adjust broken bones, apply ointment, cure stomach, ears, eyes, teeth and mouth, retrieve swallowed items and more. Sort out the available medical equipment to perform them well. Clean the hospital, tap radio on or open window to ensure that the animals are happy and comfortable.

Get the app for your kids today and let them learn the medical procedures and basics with fun activities! Download the free trial with BlueStacks emulator!



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