Dokmee Home

Dokmee Home is a software for managing the documents which involve the receipts and the contracts especially for the people who work from home. The organizational features are varied and it extends from the imaging of documents to the system of tracking.

The list of options of the program is designed to fulfil the user’s need. The strong tools of this software can convert a PDF file in a document of standard format. With the help of the scanners, one can import the files from the programs of email and word processor. The software can also be synchronized with a Smartphone to store and access the files on the go. The adding of the tags, metadata allows you to easily access the documents at any time. The metadata can help to track out an important file. With the addition of the new files, one can also attach files and search for the previous ones.

It is a good software for managing the documents of the office at home. It provides several integrated solutions if the user faces any problem. This software for managing the office works can help a person by keeping all his files in a single place and by saving his energy and time.



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