Delta Force Black Hawk Down

Delta Force Black Hawk Down is based on the real-time event of Black Hawk Down and this is what makes the game very challenging. The US has began a mission that was launched into Somalia, in order to capture the warlords of Somalia and then restore the land into its previous state of peace and prosperity. You will get to experience for yourself the feel of playing a game based on an actual mission that was named Operation Restore Hope.

The main aim of the game is for you to experience and participate in the various raids in the game. In the very beginning you will be simply helping the United Nations peacemakers when they are distributing food and necessities to the villagers who are in dire need of these things. There are however various raiders in the game who want to disrupt the distribution of food, and put your mission in jeopardy. You must fight bravely to protect the mission and also your life. There are a lot of dangers in every nook and cranny of the game and you must brace yourself for it. As the game makes progress, the missions will get more complicated and action oriented.

There are a lot of very realistically put together for your benefit, and you can make use of them in order to beat the troublemakers. The locations have been very well created to give you a feel of realism. The multiplayer mode of Delta Force Black Hawk Down is spectacular and the reason behind the game being so popular amongst the fans of this genre. The downside of Delta Force Black Hawk Down is that the artificial intelligence of the game is not very well created and this makes the challenges a little dull. Seasoned players may find this off putting and not very entertaining.

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