Deer Hunter 2005

If you have always wanted to play a hunting game that allows you to hunt a prized buck, then Deer Hunter 2005 is the game for you. All you need is the right hunting gear and then you are all set to go hunting into the wild! There are dangers lurking at various corners and also the thrill of hunting is experienced in a very unique way. The game play of Deer Hunter 2005 is very realistic, and this makes the game that much more compelling to play and succeed in. get ready to track your hunt down with the help of high ranging rifles and also sniper scopes that were not available with the hunters that were present in the olden days.

The locations of the hunt are scattered all over the world ranging from Utha, Australia, the Black Forest, Georgia, Illinois, to Oregon. You can choose any of these locations to get a variety in the scenery, and also choose the character that you feel has the best combination of strengths that are available in the game. you can choose from 17 different and highly effective weapons, and you can pick 2 of them at a time. You can also pick out hunting gear like lures, stands, navigation aids, and also a suitable mode of transportation.

The artificial intelligence of Deer Hunter 2005 is very well created and that is what makes playing the game such a realistic experience. The reactions that you get from the animals is very realistic and there is nothing unfair or over the top about it. You can enjoy the various scenic beauties that are a part of the game and once you have honed your hunting skills you can also play the game online competing with other hunters and proving your hunting skills in the Deer Hunter 2005 community.



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