Danger Dash

If you are a fan of adventures, Danger Dash is the game for you! In this Android game, you run to escape from the evil tigers. Unlock cool and fantastic characters, collect artefacts, run and struggle for life as one of the characters having its own set of abilities and skills. Choose to be the hero Chuck Ace, powerful Blowing wind or the adventurous girl Miranda Rose. Complete the missions, escape dangers and become a real adventurer yourself. Experience the speed to its greatest limit and do what a real runner can do. Run through the lush jungle, survive from the rush of obstacles through a lost city and hold for life in the beautiful mysterious temple.

The game lets you rush in great speed past wild obstacles, dashing super fast, jump over the columns and broken trees and slide under dangerous traps. You find powerful upgrades such as the Tiger, Jungle Fever, the Revival Ankh to become the most powerful runner, increasing your speed, unlocking new levels and improving the skills. Track your game ranking in the online leaderboards, follow the scores of your friends and leave them all behind.

A special game designed for those real runners having guts to push their speed to the maximum limit in a dangerous dash for victory. Prove it if you have with this game for PC using your BlueStack App Player!

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