Daemon Tools

Daemon Tools is one of the leading tools in the virtual image managing domain, it provides its users with quality features that are available in both the free and paid versions yet the essential image mounting functions are not restricted to the paid version.

This software allows the users to set a number of virtual disk drives onto their computers in order to mount all the different images they might have. These disk drives act exactly like the real physical ones, they can be ejected or removed. However, they are much more flexible as they do not require any physical change to the computer. Everything can be packed into a virtual image in order to be ran just like it would be from a real compact disk.

Daemon Tools lets the user to easily add images onto the existing virtual disks – this process takes only a couple of seconds and it requires just a few clicks to be activated. The tool is designed for amateur users as well and they will have no problems when installing anything using the virtual disk image possibility feature. The application, being free to use, is extremely useful because nowadays, even movies come packed in formats of virtual images and the user might need this kind of tool if he does not have a capable video player.

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