Critical Missions SWAT

Critical Missions SWAT for PC is an amazing, fast paced, first person 3D shooting game playable across a number of android devices. In the multiplayer mode you have to shoot other players and win whereas in the single player mode you have to fight terrorists, zombies etc. In the multiplayer mode there are 6 types – classic, team death, survival, zombie, juggernaut and capture the flag. In the classic, team death and Capture the Flag modes players will be divided into two teams. In the Team Death mode there is no result in the form of win or loss, the scoreboard will reflect your performance. In the zombie mode one player will be selected as a zombie and he will infect others. So humans will have to kill the zombies or the reverse will happen. All the other modes are also interesting and absorbing. With customizable controls and other features this is an exciting game for your android device. With BlueStacks app player you will be able to play Critical Missions SWAT for PC and also access the game from Google play.

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